Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

1. LinkedIn: The purpose of LinkedIn is helping the user to keep in touch with the connections they know and trust in the business. LinkedIn is also a good platform for the job seekers to post their profile and look for job opportunities.The will be a new user in every second in average. LinkedIn is a good way to build and develop your personal relationships in the business. Base on the connections, everyone may talk to the people who have a common goal directly. On the other hand, you can also search the background of the companies you interested. The job hunters and human resource managers always use the LinkedIn as the first round of judging and choosing.
2. Facebook: Facebook is a website of social networking service. Users upload photos of their daily life and share them to their friends. Eight million and five hundred thousand photos are uploaded every day. The professionals could know somebody’s ability through the photos and comments from the friends. They would also know about people’s personality through the Facebook.
3. Google+: Google plus is an integration of online products of Google. People could use Google plus to build their separate social circles. Each circles may have different privacy settings. Most of users compare Google+ and Facebook. However, they have essential differences. The main purpose of Google plus is to get knowledge from the professionals. They always discuss professional questions on Google plus. The scope of the Google+ circles always not be very big.
4.YouTube: YouTube is a channel to share short videos with others and get information you want. Everybody could post a video about his/her self introduction to promote. YouTube also play a part in teaching through video. People could check on YouTube when they do not know how to do something like using word. The job hunter check the video on YouTube to make sure the people they looking for are the right ones.
5.Tumblr: Tumblr is the beginning of micro blogging. They greatly emphasized the customizability and ease of use like parked domains. The post on the Tumblr could representative the user’s lift attitude and daily life. It also a useful sharing tool.

b.“social networking” using social media tools. How do professionals use social networking tools for self-promotion/self-marketing?
Social networking using social media tools is communications with people, companies and the world. The professionals use the specific websites like LinkedIn to build a frame of his personal brand. After that, they upload videos of their self-promotion on the YouTube and add a link of it on LinkedIn to complete their brand. The business also maintain their corporate image using the social media tools. On the other hand, the job hunters looking for potential job candidates via the social medias.



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